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In Memory of ROGER FULLER, August 13, 2017 Sunday morn left my heart ripped & torn. IF only I could bring you back again...I would without a doubt. I WISH I could, (Just for 1-more minute, 1-more hour, or 1-more day) But the angels took you awa...

Storage Unit Content Sale

Sale at Oman Mini Storage on August 25th. Contents in units #3, 16, 41, 24. Ellen Clements, Cassie Owen, Beth Owen, Julie Nogly. Contents unknown on August 25th at 8 a.m., 2018. 23438 Hwy AA., Richland Center, WI 608-475-0503.

Blackbourn Reunion

98th ANNUAL BLACKBOURN REUNION Sunday, Aug. 19, Potluck at noon. Beetown Community Building. Welcome All!

Worship Services

Worship With Us in a traditional setting at Trinity United Methodist Church, 400 East Seminary Street, Richland Center. Sunday Services 9:30am Sunday School 9:45am